Docks & Lifts

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We sell ShoreMaster, Shore Station and FLOE dock systems.

Roll-in Docks
A roll-in dock system makes for easy installation and removal and is a great choice when you have a firm lake bottom and minimal elevation at the shore.

Sectional Docks
A sectional dock system is a good choice for those that do not have the room for a roll-in dock as they stack nicely for storage.  They are stable and easy to install.  You also have the ability to do a custom layout.

Floating Docks
With a floating dock system you will spend less time making adjustments to your dock as the system is great for deep and fluctuating water, muddy bottoms or difficult conditions for dock assembly or storage.

We sell ShoreMaster, Shore Station and FLOE brand boat lifts.

Vertical Boat Lift
A Vertical lift is designed to work well in shallow, deep or fluctuating water conditions.  The Vertical lift raises and lowers vertically (4 pulleys - one in each corner).

Cantilever Boat Lift
A Cantilever lift is designed for simple operations in non-fluctuating water of over 2.5 feet.  The Cantilever lift raises and lowers in a scissor type fashion (1 cable and 3 pulleys). 

Hydraulic Boat Lift
The hydraulic boat lift with it's quick, quiet operation will lift your boat out of the water in seconds.  With a standard keychain remote, it's as simple as pressing a button.

Dock & Boat Lift Accessories
Dock bumpers, dock steps w/handrails, dock ladders, dock cleats, dock boxes, benches, dock furniture, flag and flag pole holders, boat lift motors with and without remotes in AC or DC, full length boat lift guides, boat lift canopy frames, vinyls and side curtain canopy systems.

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