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WeedRoller, get rid of weeds
Wipe out weeds with the Crary WeedRoller.  This unit can help you eliminate unsightly weeds from your lake bottom. Minnesota DNR approval and permit required.
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  • Weedroller
  • Weedroller
  • Weedroller
  • Weedroller
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Gulls Away, bird deterrent system
A Solution for a Bird Free Boat Lift! A Bird Deterrent System that actually stops birds from landing on canopies.
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We also offer...

Replacement Vinyls
Regardless of brand we can provide you with a new vinyl or cloth for your boat lift canopy.

Replacement Decking
We can build replacement decking for most docks.

Swim Rafts
We sell various types and colors of swim rafts.

Bog Walks
We specialize in accessing the water's edge through difficult low land areas by engineering and constructing the appropriate marsh crossing system for your situation.

Bank Stairways
Have a steep bank to the lake?  We can build a new or replacement set of stairs to get you to the water.